Program Purpose

QPI’s purpose for education is to advance the understanding of the value of quiet globally within educational settings.

About the Program

We plan to develop cross-curricular programs with differentiated lessons for grades 1-8 with foundations in science using Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Units and activities will be of varying lengths for varied educational settings.

  • Longer programs for classrooms and alternative education settings (suitable for children who may not be within the traditional classroom, such as, home school, inpatient or outpatient mental health facilities, etc)

  • Shorter programs for classrooms, summer school programs, nature centers, and camps

QPI’s curriculum model will be based on the mission of QPI to teach students about listening, noise, noise pollution and contributing to citizen science projects. This program will be administered via remote work conducted by the Education Services Team.

Program Status

QPI will develop a full curriculum during the year 2019 with the goal of bringing these programs to English speaking schools in 2020.


Pilot Program


A pilot program was utilized in the classroom with valuable outcomes.

  • Designed and implemented: Three-week unit within seventh grade science classroom in Wisconsin

  • Current impact: 64 students

Focus of Lessons:

  • How to experience a quiet space

  • How sound and energy move

  • Why quiet matters, and the impacts of sound on the world

  • Creation of public service announcement for the value of quiet by students

Future program may differ in educational outcomes from the pilot.

Bus Loads of Kids Program


Quiet Parks International plans to take Bus Loads of Students to quiet spaces to #ExperienceQuiet. If you wish to sponsor a bus load of students, click on the Donate below.


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