QI is a not-for-profit organization that defines, reviews, certifies, protects and restores places, products and services for quiet.


Quiet Places

  • Urban Places

  • Trails

  • Reserves

  • Parks

  • Marine Sanctuaries

  • Restaurants, Cafes, Pubs, Bars

  • Farms

  • Hotels

  • Communities

  • Airports

  • Camps

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Quiet Products

  • Home Products

  • Business Products

  • Transportations


Quiet Services

  • Holidays

  • Tours

  • Arts and Entertainment

  • Content (VR, Audio, Video, Articles, Blogs, Journals, Books, Ringtones)

  • Mindful Tools and Exercises

  • Dating (Meet Quiet People, Visit Quiet Places, Do Quiet Activities)

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The simple act of listening to the natural world can have a profound impact on our relationship to place and on ourselves by rooting us in a presence that we no longer take for granted.
— Adam Loften and Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee, NYT


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News and Events

The latest in quiet.


People who #BeQuiet.


Arline Bronzaft, PhD, Awarded 2018 Presidential Citation

“In my book Top of the Class (1996) which reported on my queries of high academic achievers in their adult years, I learned that their childhood homes had many quiet times. There were quiet times to read, to do homework, to study and to think. Voices were more moderate in their homes when they were growing up and they were not scolded with shouts or screams but with looks of disapproval. I believe these quiet times served to strengthen their learning skills and, in turn, these learning skills contributed to their success professionally, socially and personally, as discussed in the book.”


Samara Kester, MD

“Quiet has been shown to reduce stress, to reduce incidence of infection, to permit higher cognitive functioning, to improve healing in general.  It reduces aggression and tension, improves overall mood.  It reduces blood pressure, heart rate.  It reduces the elevated cortisol levels found in the "fight or flight" response and actually may increase life expectancy.  The list goes on. To preserve havens of natural silence is preserving our mental and physical health - ours and for generations to come.” 


Brad Borsari, Parent

“The hike was mystical, affirming, and in many ways spiritual. My wife Christina and my three children Owen, 15, Ethan, 13, and Paloma, 11, shared in my wonder of this other-worldly place.”

so elk maintain their sense of place
so bird calls reach their intended ears
so our children have a place to go
where, when they close their eyes,
all they hear
is the orchestral silence
of everything this earth intends them to hear
and nothing that she doesn’t.”