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Radio / Podcasts

Tonebenders, 2013
Tonebenders 016 Gordon Hempton

Milwaukie Public Radio, 2014
Acoustic Ecologist Sets His Sights On...

NPR BirdNote, 2014
Bird Note 1 2 3 4

The Atlantic, 2015
The 50 Best Podcast Episodes of 2015

Smithsonian, 2015
Are There Any Places on Earth Left...

BBC Radio, 2016
The Listeners

On Being with Krista Tippett, 2016
Silence and the Presence of Everything

On Being with Krista Tippett, 2017
An Acoustic Ecologist Takes You on a Hike...

To The Best Of Our Knowledge, 2017
A Nature Preserve For The Quiet Of Nature

KIRO Radio, 2018
The quietest place in the lower 48 is in…

NPR BirdNote, 2018
One Square Inch of Silence


Print / Web

Smithsonian Magazine, 1995
Shhhh... those 'peculiar people' are listening

The Seattle Times, 2005
A man speaks up for Silence

AARP Magazine, 2007
Listening for Quiet

Orion Magazine, 2008
Silence Like Scouring Sand

Ode Magazine, 2008
Where silence is seen and heard

The Sun Magazine, 2010
Quiet, Please: Gordon Hempton On Search…

Newsweek, 2010
America’s vanishing silent spaces

Zeit Online, Germany, 2011
Listening journey

Canadian Geographic, 2012
The sounds of silence

Designing Sound, 2013
Interview with The Sound Tracker

The Moon Magazine, 2013
Gordon Hempton | We save what we…

Designing Sound, 2013
Gordon Hempton on Designing Rain...

El Mundo, 2013
The spokesman of silence

The Seattle Times, 2013
Trading eyes for ears to hear the sounds…

The Atlantic, 2014
Smart Things in a Not-Smart World


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