The team share this simple task - designate, protect, and economize an essential natural resource - Quiet - for the benefit of all life. Simple does not mean easy, however. Together these individuals have partnered, coming from vastly different cultures, geographies, education and accomplishments. Together we bring a worldwide audience a #QuietExperience.


Founding Partners


Gordon Hempton

I am an acoustic ecologist. I care very deeply about quiet. As The Sound Tracker® I have circled the globe three times over the last 37 years in pursuit of Earth’s rarest nature sounds—sounds which can only be fully appreciated in the absence of manmade noise. (more)

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Vikram Chauhan

Why quiet? Because quiet is your true nature. When you forget that you are quiet, you forget who you are. And the more you move away from quiet, the more you move away from inner peace. In fact, the root cause of our suffering is that we have forgotten how to be quiet. Unplug. Visit the nearest quiet park. Listen to quiet. Reconnect with who you are. May you discover the Quiet Park within. (more)


Associates and Advisors


Matt Mikkelsen, Executive Director of Media Affairs

I am a sound recordist, audio engineer, and documentary filmmaker. I have worked as an engineer, sound designer, and producer on several award winning documentaries, but I’ve devoted most of my career to observing, recording, researching and preserving natural soundscapes. (more)


Ulf Bohman, Executive Director of Urban Quiet Parks

I believe that you can find relative silence in nature close to or in big cities. I have implemented many Urban Quiet Parks in Sweden and would like to do that across the globe. One of my strongest experiences in my work with quiet areas is when someone after a quiet walk tells me how they, by being quiet and listening to nature, have experienced the world in a whole new way. (more)


Tim Gallati, Data and Research Advisor

I am a User Experience Researcher with 10 years of experience in the technology and travel industries serving library and information teams in Fortune 500 companies, startups, and universities. What do you like to do in quiet places? (more)


Samara Kester, MD, Former President, One Square Inch of Silence Foundation

Quiet has been shown to reduce stress, to reduce incidence of infection, to permit higher cognitive functioning, and to improve healing in general. It reduces aggression and tension, and improves overall mood. It reduces blood pressure and heart rate. It reduces the elevated cortisol levels found in the "fight or flight" response, and actually may increase life expectancy. To preserve havens of natural silence is preserving our mental and physical health - ours, and for generations to come.


Laura Giannone, Field Technician/Data Analyst

Living things seek out quiet spaces. 

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Margaret Heather Pihl, Community Liaison

I grew up in Seattle and work in regulation of two historic districts in Seattle, including Pike Place Market. I have a lifelong interest in audio recordings of nature, people and international places. I live within a half day's drive of the Hoh Rainforest, which I consider to be a sanctuary, the heartbeat of Washington's greatest old-growth forest. I am an experienced activist who seeks to inspire desire in others to preserve the sacred soundscape in the Olympic National Park.


Global Representatives


Federico Borman, Representative - South America

Growing up in the Amazon rain forest has made me appreciate the importance of nature’s own sounds. Without natures sounds it’s difficult for me to truly rest and restore my energy. I believe other people can also benefit greatly by experiencing nature’s sounds.


Jonathan Kawchuk, Representative - Canada

I am a composer and sound artist specializing in ecologically focused work that is recorded in/interacts with natural spaces. In my experience recording in the field, I’ve found quiet to be a necessary and increasingly scarce resource. I believe that quiet can help us discover a new way to appreciate and protect these beautiful places. (more)


Benjamin Calais, Representative - Colombia

I run an avant-garde music venue. I am also an experimental music improviser, record producer and mixing engineer. I feel Quiet is the mother of all music. It needs to be revered and contemplated. Quiet must remain pure. For it is the sacred source from which all expressions of our lives emerges.


Standards Committee

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Nick Miller, Founder HMMH,

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Garth Paine, Senior Sustainability Scientist, Arizona State University


Kurt Fristrup, NPS, Chief Bioacoustician at Dark Sky and Nature Sounds Division

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Laila Chin-Hui Fan, Founder / Director General, Soundscape Assn. of Taiwan

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Steve Orfield, President, Orfield Laboratories, Minneapolis

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Brian Pertl, Dean, Conservatory of Music at Lawrence University

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Dick Hingson, Noise/ Aviation Specialist - National Parks at Sierra Club

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Brian Fligor, President, Tobias & Battite, Inc.

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Mark Bailey, Director of the Child Learning and Development Center, Pacific Univ.